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What will a post Coronavirus wedding look like?

A wedding is a simple ceremony, in which a couple, make legal and (often) religious vows in-front of the law, God, their family and friends. The whole point of these vows is to publicly declare, their love for, and to make a commitment to, each other. That’s it. Those of us who are involved in the wedding business often forget that everything else, the dress, suit, shoes, location, menu, wine, first dance, cake and yes even the photographs are all optional extras to do with celebrating the wedding. In the light of the pandemic and its shocking impact on our world, is there anything better to celebrate than love? So this post is written to encourage you to press on with your wedding and the celebration of your love. Rather than view this as a time of restriction and limitation grab life with both hands, unleash your creativity and break free of some of shackles imposed by tradition and other peoples expectations. Take the chance to put on a celebration of your love in your own unique

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