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Bride’s Wedding Survival Kit 15 “just in case” items your maid of honour should have access to

Over the last few years, I’ve photographed a lot of weddings and not all of them have gone exactly to plan. When the wheels come off a really useful Maid of Honour steps up and saves the day because she has thought about the bride and has anticipated every eventuality. Rather than losing her head and letting the situation cause a meltdown she calmly sorts things out.

With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of 15 items a maid of honour should have sorted out before the big day

A pair of flats that the bride can walk in (flip flops would do!) These are a must if you will need to walk across the grass at any point throughout the day. You may like to think about having a pair for every girl in your bridal party as well as yourself. Tide To Go Stick – Keep that dress white! This has NEVER let me down Small Sewing Kit – Sewing a button back onto the groom’s jacket,  cutting out an annoying label or fixing a stray hem, opening up a buttonhole in a jacket, lots of little things but they m…

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